Countertops in Riverwoods, IL

A relatively new Village, (incorporated in 1959), Riverwoods is small (4 square miles) and sparsely populated (about 3,700 people), but offers a high quality of living, with large home lots and a variety of excellent small stores and restaurants. In fact, Riverwoods has been listed as one of the best places to live in Illinois. As the Village grew, the residents developed ordinances to keep their personal Eden as a rural island in the midst of suburbia, with dense patches of trees and plenty of open space. Today, there are strict rules regarding new home size to preserve the trees and maintain this quiet haven. And of course, when building or remodeling, Riverwoods homeowners know that Atlantis Granite and Quartz will work with them to make sure every surface and every material is the right choice for their gracious lifestyle.